Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brisbane City Council's Afternoon in the Park

Hi Readers, as the year draws to a close we attended our penultimate promotion at the Brisbane City Council's afternoon in the park. It was much cooler today so we greyhounds were able to have a sprint around the park before the locals arrived.

I hope you enjoy the photographs -

Hope blows away the cobwebs watched by Mum and Eddie.
Councillor Victoria welcomes everybody to the event.
 In da hood? No gang colours allowed!
Our old friend Xena was there. She stayed up high to avoid the hordes of small fluffies.
 "Air kisses darling, merry Christmas!"
 Somebody is taking the sit command a little too far!
Sara and the object of her affection.
"I left my glasses in my other coat. Sorry I can't see your name tag."
 Jess was there in her Christmas costume.
Small fluffies abounded at today's event.
The Christmas Westie was there as well.
Everybody wanted to know where Cole got his neckerchief.

The GAP team watch the fun and games.

One of my fans visited the face painting display before stopping by for a pat.

Well Readers, I hear my dinner being prepared so I must be off. I hope its tasty!. Bye for now - Murphy.

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