Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IPAC Lifestyle Event

Hi Readers, GAP was invited to attend the IPAC lifestyle event at the St Lucia golf course last night. Prancer and I put on our best evening wear collars and headed off to the clubhouse with Mum and Dad.

I hope you enjoy the pictures -

I thought it was only some dogs that wasted time chasing balls around a park?
 Prancer and I ready to greet the guests.
It was so hot yesterday that one of my fans bought us water in a lovely silver ice bucket.
 I've never seen mangoes like these ones before.
Catching up on how my portfolio is performing in the current market (curse you Berlusconi!). 
Dad with greyhound adoption advocate Dr Harry Cooper.

Anyway readers, I promised Prancer that I wouldn't mention his attempt to steal the canapes or the fact he went snout down in some body's champagne glass so I won't. See you next time readers - Bye for now - Murphy.

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