Saturday, September 3, 2011

Special Ed?

Hi Readers, let me introduce you to Eddie who is fostering with us at the house of hound.

Eddie is 11 months old and is expected to reach 40-45 kgs when he is fully filled out (thats 88-99 pounds for the non metrically inclined). He needs a good feed up at the moment and we have discovered he loves warm pasta with sardines mixed through it.  Given his love of  Pasta Con Sarde we suspect he may be an Italian greyhound with a thyroid condition!

As you can see, his interests include gardening and water conservation.

Oversized Iggy or not, he is a lovely boy who loves to cuddle and will make some two legger a great dog one day.

I think that I hear my chef preparing dinner so its bye for now - Murphy.

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