Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Greyhound Lounge at the RNA "Ekka"

Hi Readers, the GAP team have been flat out for the past ten days at the RNA Brisbane show (known locally as the "ekka"). We were in our usual location in the dog pavilion and have had so many pats and cuddles that we may have lost some fur.

We found homes for six greys during the show and support for GAP has surged over the last six weeks with heaps of trainers calling us to put their hounds on the program,  foster carers calling to offer their help and our wonderful volunteers are happier than ever.

I hope you enjoy the pics - 

The lounge looked terrific this year. 

 We had heaps of school children visit us for cuddles.
Gypsy checking out the crowds.

Prancer with four young ladies.

Lola seeks sanctuary from the crowds.

Miss Brady from St Dympna's year six media studies class interviews mum about me greyhounds as pets.

 A couple of cuties with me (I hope the shampoo works on those growths).

Wally gets some lovin'.

Prancer has a special moment.

This big blue guy kept watch over us.

Breezer checks out this human pup.

Beehives anybody?

Batman and his optimistic T shirt dropped by.

Maggie cuddles up to her mum Tricia and her auntie Brooke.

Breezer and I hard at work.

Mechie Murph the money box gets fed a coin.

The show fairies dropped in to say hi.

Annalise dropped in to record a short segment on the lounge. It should be on soon.

 More cuddles for Gypsy.

Prancer pinched my spot on the lounge for a cuddle with a visitor to the stand.

Go team brindle! 
Prancer in trouble with my security detail.

Wally spots another dodgy toupee in the show ring.

Mum and Prancer.

Breezer at the end of her shift.

We had lots of visits from wheelies and got a heap of cuddles.

Tom the PR dog for Guide dogs Queensland dropped by to tell us about October Fetch.

This young fellow thought it was funny to interrupt my nap.

Hairdresser to the stars Joh Bailey dropped in to discuss a rinse to cover my grey and tell us he was missing his greyhound fancy.

A young fan reads me a bed time story about steak. Mmmm... steak!

Me voguing.

Rosie on the look out for somebody to adopt her.

The crowds flocking to see me.

Me taking my afternoon break after snoozing on the couch.

Well, that's it from me Readers. The GAP staff are having a few days off before we get back into the job of placing hounds with families. I'll be dreaming about the ekka for a long time to come. Bye for now - Murphy.

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