Sunday, March 15, 2009

Darwin was right!

Hi Readers, I overheard Dad telling people at the Petacular how gentle greyhounds are and that they are the worlds biggest sooks. He has even commented, rather unkindly, that the greyhounds ability to run at 60 kilometres per hour proves Darwinian evolution is correct. He says that our speed is a heightened flight response that evolved to allow greyhounds to flee anything they find scary (like baths, small fluffy dogs and worming medication).

So much for him! I am posting these photos that were taken yesterday to prove that Greys can be just as big and bad as the next dog. I would even go so far as to say that Dr Evil and his sharks fitted with frikkin laser beams would hide from me. These photos confirm the existence of Pulse Laser Equipped Greyhounds (or PLEGs for short)

I think I have proved that I shouldn't be judged on my sweet loving nature alone and that a real bad ass is just under the surface. I even fancy that I look like that other famous dog shown below although I don't have a cape (yet).

Anyway, I must be off to my next adventure now. For owners of a PLEG, I would offer the following advice -

- Always treat your PLEG as loaded
- Do not point your PLEG at anything you don't want toasted.
- Keep your PLEG safely stored when not in use

And the most important thing to remember is to always give your PLEG loads of treats to keep him in a good mood!


alex said...

AWWW, thanks so much for the laugh! I needed it, our dog park outing was cancelled because of the weather; so I am stuck indoors :-(
Yes, Hero has been known to take flight from scary things like plastic bags (things that move in the wind), small dogs, small children, (ok, most anything that moves). But I guess that is just his cover/alter ego- after all he can't put on glasses like Clark Kent!
My verification word is "saloon"- a helpful suggestion for a rainy weekend from the folks at Blogger?

GRACE said...

BOL BOL(Bark Out Loud)ahhh you crack me up Murph man you and I we think the same way. Stay Chilled my laser eyed friend