Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 Petacular at the RNA Showgrounds

Today my foster brother Oscar and I attended the GAP stand at the Petacular at the RNA showgrounds in Brisbane. This years theme for GAP was Greyhounds Are Heaven Sent . We all donned our halos and wings, received our final instructions and then the crowds arrived. Lots of greyhound cuddles for everybody followed with Oscar being a big hit at his first promotion.

I got to go on stage with my friend Dr Harry for a presentation to the crowds on canine safety for children. I was on stage with GAP volunteer Naomi while Dad took the pictures and movies of the presentation (Keep watching the blog for more postings). After my stage appearance I was recognised as I moved around the show and had to spend time giving cuddles to all the new Murphy groupies as I can't sign autographs too well. Dr Harry said I was a beautiful boy with a lovely physique but I knew that already. Bye for now readers.


earl said...

Greyhound racing is simply amateur and conducted for pleasure. In the U.S., UK, and Australia, it is a well-liked form of gambling, like horse racing.

GRACE said...

You will always be a star in my eyes murphy