Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Snaps of some of the fur kids

Oscar unwrapping Christmas Presents
Foster girl Sally using Cherry as a pillow.
Honey & Cherry the 2 little girls are both 11 and very cute and handle life with the greys very well.

Murphy &

gorgeous Murphy

I had an overwhelming desire to do something happy today as it has been an emotional week with the passing of our beloved Muddy last Saturday and the funeral for Russ's Auntie Pam on Tuesday.

So what could be better than spending time with the kids who give so much love and then while looking for photo's for Alex I came across these and they made me happy and made me smile so I thought I would post them for everyone and hope they make you smile to.
( sorry Alex I don't think any of them are what your looking for) I will keep searching though.

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alex said...

Sorry to hear it's been a rough week for you. Thank you for taking the time to look for "models" for me to sculpt.
I dearly love the expression on Murphy in the last picture. Unfortunately it presents me with 2 challenges. 1) I would want to stay true to the mouth expression (it is so greyt), but teeth are HARD. and 2) I would want to complete the body (it would be slightly disturbing as a "bust" with no body on it's side like that. I have yet to do a "play-bow" (can you believe it?) so the second shot of Murphy opening gifts if a good candidate. I'll keep in touch. I hope this coming week is a "greyt" one for you :-)