Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year to all (& happy birthday Homer!)

Another new year has begun so everybody at the house of hound would like to wish all a happy new year.

January is also Homer's birth month. We don't know a date yet so Mum & Dad decided the first was as good a date as any to celebrate. It was pigs ears all around followed by a good sleep. This is a picture of Homer after he snuck up on the lounge for a sleep. he has also been spotted on Mum's side of the bed when she stays up to watch the movies she got for Christmas.

I will have to make sure my role as #1 hound stays in place if this keeps up!


alex said...

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday Homer!

greychicken said...

The first is an excellent day to celebrate. Rocky Star turned 5 on the 1st too!
Happy New Year to you all.