Saturday, January 10, 2009

Farewell Muddy

There is much sadness at the house of hound today as our old mate Muddy has passed away. He was a lovely gentle boy who liked a scratch and to steal the chicken's laying mash when he thought we werent looking. He was a great companion to our other paddock dwellers & he loved to teach young Rocky the finer points of head butting as he grew up. We are'nt sure how old he was but he was an old boy when we arrived here in 2004.

He even managed to put up with the greys using the front strip of his paddock as a racetrack and speeding around when he was trying to eat and lay in the sun.

Goodbye Muddy, we all love you very much. Please give our love to all our other furkids who are on the other side.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of Muddy. Sounds like he had a nice life at your farm. I had 2 goats years ago.... Scarlet and Magnolia :-).


alex said...

I'm sure you will miss having such a great personality around.
Rest in peace, Muddy.

Jenny said...

Well at least his last days where in a place full of happiness and love.

thebellagreyhound said...

I so sorry to hear that Muddy has left you. If he was as spoilt as they greyhounds then he had the BEST LIFE EVER! Good on you for taking him when he was old. I bet he had a wonderful life with you all.