Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hi, I've been diagnosed with tonsillitis so I'm on antibiotics and bed rest mind you apart from the antibiotics that's pretty much how I spend my day. Mum & Dad thought the scarf & beanie would help but personally I'd be happy with the just the ice cream.

When I was at the vets today two different border collies came in with tick paralysis, Mum & Dad have since found one each on Honey & Oscar so please check your beloved animals daily for these horrible parasites.

Mum and Dad were so worried about the ticks on my sister Honey mum gave her a home haircut. I thought I looked silly in my beanie but have a look at her!

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GRACE said...

Sorry to hear that you were unwell Murph hope you are better now. Mama J checks me all over but she is frightened that she will miss one. Is there anywhere in particular that she should pay close attention