Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Greytwalks at Nudgee Beach

As well as being Mum's birthday, Sunday was also the day our hound club Greytwalks went to Nudgee Beach. T'was a dark and stormy afternoon as we made our way out into the warm water. A good time was had by all but we had to break up early as the sky turned dark and Brisbane was hit with its worse storm in 25 years. Our house had no power for 24 hours and heaps of buildings lost their roofs or were destroyed. We were lucky at our place as only a few trees blew over. Mum & Dad also rescued a border collie called Frisbee on the way home - another stray. The nice man at the council found his owners so I don't have to share my home with another dog!

Anyway, here is a short movie of the walk. Pay no attention to Charlie who tried to upstage everybody with his spins.

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GRACE said...

Murphy ma main man I soooooo did not like being out in that yukky weather Mama J & Milly thought it was a fantastic idea. Ha I got Mama J back when I refused to walk back into shore she sure looked silly trying to get me to walk BOL BOL