Friday, November 14, 2008

Hi everyone, I have been logging on at Dad's work lately so I thought I would update you on the latest news. I'm almost over my tonsillitis which meant I had to have my yearly injections (not happy Jan).

Dr Mark thought he could bribe me by offering me liver treats, well let me tell you I didn't fall for that. I gave him my best grey snob and that showed him.

Unfortunately I still got my injections and my temp taken but I never caved in and took a treat ever.

On the other hand Oscar my foster brother fell hook , line & sinker and was given handfuls of treats and pats. Poor Oscar, he had no idea what he was in for and I waited and waited and still no injections. WELL let me tell you I was not happy apparently he didn't have to have any. I refused to talk to anyone after that little episode he got all the treat and pats and I didn't. Soooo unfair. My Mum and Dad thought it was really funny so I gave them the LOOK which made them laugh more.

My friend Rocket cared, he knows what it's like and felt sorry for me. Rocket and his Mum and Dad live up the road ,we get to catch up when I'm out walking my Dad. Sometimes he has a little run hmmm well he calls it a run and I love him to much to tell him that he's running is just a leisurely strut for me not a run so I just strut alongside him just happy to be with him.

Anyway Rocket is my very good friend he moved in early in the year after his Dad and Mum had got to know me and had a chat with my dad. Rocket said it was the best day of his life when Kirsty told him she had found his forever home. Rocket just loves his mum and dad so much.

I have attached a little slide show of my friend Rocket so you can all see how nice he is and how much his mum & Dad love him.

I had better sign off now I need a sleep we are going to greyt walks tomorrow.,, I love greyt walks I get to see Auntie Margaret and her kids Blaze & Amie I love Auntie Margaret. Hopefully we'll see Leanne and Jaydee as well and lots of other greys we are all hoping to see Jake and Sal again.

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