Sunday, May 26, 2013

May GAP Walk

Hi Readers, we all headed off to Manly today for the monthly GAP walk. What can I say - beautiful weather, nice people and lots of hounds - heaven!

What a lovely spot for a walk.
Early morning greetings.
 Yours truly.
 Such a  pretty face.
 Ernst and friend.
 The tripod trio?
 Enjoying the walk.
Tia helping her human cross the road.
Some of this mornings walkers.
Marion and Tunza.
Murphy (2) with Bella.
Cooling down after the walk..
Marissa with Tabby and Niff.
Playing ring around the rosie.
Teddy getting a cover to keep out the cold.
Stacks on uncle Ollie.
Talkin' about hounds.
One of today's honourary greys. Such a well mannered girl.
Tabby smooching his aunty Bronny.
"Did somebody say cake?" Teddy smooching for treats.
Niff chilling out.
Teddy voguing post walk.

Well Readers, its been a big weekend for GAP with the kennel visits yesterday and the walk today. I'm off for lunch then a snooze. Bye for now - Murphy.

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