Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 Million Paws Walk

Hi Readers, today was the RSPCA's million paws walk so I headed off to Mt Tambourine with Eddie, Ozzy and Teddy. We also has GAP teams at Nundah, the Strand in Townsville and Decker Park Sandgate.

It was freezing on the Mountain this morning so we had to snuggle to keep warm. I hope you like the pics.

We passed this guy on the way. He was obviously enjoying his car ride.
 "Are we there yet?" "Are we still in Queensland?"
 "Yeah, we are here."
It was so cold at 07:00 this morning that Ozzy camped out near the fire...
 ... While Aunty Gail and Mum had another way to keep warm.
 Me being cute.
 Bree doing her lap dog trick.
 Go team green!
Eddie saying hi to another GAP hound owner.
 Bree photobombed this shot of the lads.
 A little yoga to keep the cold at bay.
 Bandit looking fine.
Sam modelling his snoodini.
 Ray cuddling his human.
Those ears, it can only be Minnie.
Jack enjoying a treat.
Mum and Ozzy.
The very cute Teddy, just look at that face.
Ozzy giving Teddy a run for his funny in the worried facial expression contest.
I wish the kids wouldn't distract my security teams.
"Ok, who left the tin of red bull on the ground near Bree?"
Here be snacks!

These two groups are thinking "What the hell are those things?"
This big hound dropped by to see us.
There was face painting for the kids...
... and a fancy dress competition, biggest and smallest dog competitions for the non bipedal.
Guess who is pregnant (but you didn't hear it from me).
One of the little cuties at the walk.
"Look into my eyes and give me your breakfast!"
Its a shame there wasn't a prize for the constantly yappy as this team had it nailed.
Team Kallenbach was there with their pack.
Ozzy cam - waiting for the start of the walk.
And they're off and walking.
Sam, Ozzy and Porsche making their way past the slower walkers.

Heading home!

Well Readers, that's all I have for now. Thanks again to all our wonderful GAP adopters, foster carers and visitors who helped make today such a success at so many locations. Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for a lovely day. We were last across the line - but enjoyed a lovely leisurely walk. Missed everyone at the end - we assume you all went home. ha ha. See you next year!
The Kallenbach Pack