Sunday, October 27, 2013

Canine First Aid Course

Hi Readers, brother Eddie and I got volunteered to help out at GAP's first ever first aid course for canines.

It was a great success and covered a wide range of topics all designed to help your pooch until you can get them to a trusted veterinarian. There are more courses coming up soon so I'll probably "volunteer" Teddy to help out at the next one. Sara and Mandela were also drafted into help and we all did a greyt job in our joint roles of victims/models.

"I said canine, not equine!". This big guy is used to teach basic anatomy to jockeys. "The hay goes in the front end" , that sort of thing.
Some of the horses stabled at Deagon getting some exercise. It was lovely to see them after they were hosed off as they are almost as perfect in form as a greyhound is.
Me with my, um, ass in a sling!
Sara with aunties Gail and Leah helping out in a demonstration.
Me helping in a bandaging demo. Just in time for my Halloween costume as well.
Then it was Manny's turn  to help out. I don't recall getting treats?
Dad with Eddie. Eddie is hoping Liz will save him from whatever is going on.
Eddie decided it wasn't all bad after all and decided to take a snooze.
Me after the class was done watching the horses strut their stuff.

Thank you to Leah, Gail and Mum for putting on the course and thank you to everybody who attended. And of course, thanks to Sara, Mandela and Eddie for helping me out as super models for the day. We also did an adoption right after the class so it was all go for me. Until next time, yours in bandages - Murphy. 

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