Sunday, December 22, 2013

GAP Twilight Walk

Merry Christmas readers, the GAP family meet at Decker Park for a twilight walk last night. It was a beautiful cool evening after a hot summers day. The tide was out so we could walk across the sand banks and everybody had a greyt time having a paddle in the tide pools.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Dad's camera ran out of memory so he used his mobile for some of these shots.

Me all ready with my glow stick as the sun sets. Party on dude!

Some of the early arrivals for the walk. Love the glowing red collar on the lovely fawn hound.
Mandela going in for the cuddle.
Milo with his glow collar in place and raring to go.
Ernst with brother Ozzy. Thanks to Ernst for lending a spare hand to walk Ozzy.
 The lovely Bree glammed up and showing off her Christmas best.
Ollie stopped in to say hi with Niff, Tabby and the lovely Jess.
Milo saying hi to his hound friends.

Team Partridge ready to go.

Greyhound Christmas parade complete with glow sticks.
Ozzy and Mandela on the beach waiting for a paddle.
Mum with aunts Liz and Sharon with Ozzy, Teddy, Eddy, Hayley and Rock.

The gang post walk. Thanks to Stuart Crisp for this photo taken in very low light.

Thanks you to everybody who attended and bought their humans along for the walk. My fellow hounds and I are so grateful to have the GAP team of Gail, Mum and Leah looking after us all. The GAP team are looking forward to an even bigger 2014 finding more forever homes for our brothers in paws.

Until next year - Merry Christmas and bye for now - Murphy <3.

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Blake Carlin said...

Yippee - that was lots of fun. It was our last outing with Dingo before he went to his new 'forever' family. We miss you so much Dingo - but we know you will be enjpoying your new home with your new humans.