Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prancer goes to School

Hi Readers, I've been telling Prancer for some time that he should get himself some learnin'. It seems he has finally taken my advice and went with Mum and Aunty Gail to visit the Craigslea primary school as part of the Brisbane City Council and Australian Veterinary Association's dog safety program.

He said it was really busy with three classes of children visiting him and learning all about how to approach a dog, dog registration and what greyt pets we greyhounds make (we keep telling people how good we are but we have found that we need to stay front of mind because humans tend to wake up one day and go "Lets get a dog, I wonder what breed we should get?", and they say goldfish have short attention spans).

Here are a couple of pics taken with an ifony which again proves why Mum should have gone android instead of following the flock to the nearest "apricot" store. I would have said the word that sounds like mapple but who can afford the litigation! Say that name three times and there they are like Lord Voldemort with just as much evil intent. Anyway, I seem to have strayed off topic so I hope you enjoy the box brownie pics -

"Is this the queue for lunch?" Prancer thinks this a big queue, LOL!

Ok then, I guess there were three classes of kids come through to visit him. Prancer looks very comfortable with his classmates as they listen to Mum talk about GAP.

The students and teachers loved Prancer's visit and it was very cute to have all the kids call out "bye Pranny" as he was leaving. I think I should go to the next one just to show how its done. Bye for now -Murphy.

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