Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pet Barn Underwood Fun Weekend.

Hi Readers, I'm just back from spending the weekend promoting GAP at the Underwood Pet Barn's fun weekend with Mum & Dad. Heaps of hounds turned up with their owners and we made a load of new friends.

I hope you enjoy the pics -

The team setting up on Saturday morning.
It was lucky we got this shot when we did ...
... as Bella photo bombed us straight afterwards.
Some of my fan club dropped in to see me.
I was kept busy ensuring that quality sausages were on hand at all times.
Sometimes you just need to use your brother a a pillow. Ozzy takes five on Eddy's chest.
Ozzy checks out Pet Barn's rules for hounds in store. He loved being able to choose his own snacks.
Carly thought she was seeing double when these two arrived for a sausage.
I was checking out Pet Barn's fine range of snacks ...
... when I found this hip hop guide to relationships.
Oh no, not these two again. Wally lost his bed to these small fluffies but was able to reclaim it a short time later.
"That's my lap, no, it's my lap".  Bandit and Bree put the squeeze on their human Milly today.
Aunty Gail and Mum with foster girl Shirley. Is she your new best friend?
I was on hand to lead the synchronized snoozing display.
The lovely Shirley waiting for her foster mum Sue to collect her from the promo.
Milly gets a cuddle from some young fans.
We all had a greyt time this weekend and look forward to doing it again.

Thanks for dropping by Readers, I must go and have a snooze after my strenuous weekend. Pigs ears, so many pigs ears. Bye for now - Murphy.

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