Sunday, September 23, 2012

GAP Family Walk September

Hi Readers, it was time for September's GAP family walk so Ozzy, Dad and I headed off to Springfield lakes to meet up with everybody. Dad didn't know where he was going but I was able to direct him and we arrived just in time for the walk..

Our run of great weather continued and we enjoyed meeting everybody from that part of Brisbane and Ipswich. I hope you like the pictures.

I always thought Lake Springfield looked like this but Dad says this is a different Springfield.
Our lake was like this, thats me a couple from the left. Lovely to see such a good turnout of hounds.
This handsome fellow reminded me of my brother Homer.
Bailey and Mindy came along... 
... as we started off around the park.
A Dadcam shot of myself, Ozzy, Bailey, Mindy and Charlie.
Sue and the girls with their greyhounds.
Having a chat a the halfway point.
Mini the greyhound met Norm the non greyhound today. Mini said she was missing her mum but is having fun at her holiday boarding house.
"I think I forgot to pat Murphy". This young man looked concerned about something.
We were so happy to see this place after our long hot walk ...
 ... only to find out it was a mirage as no dogs were allowed in the cool cool fountains of water. It was out and out hound discrimination as nothing we could do in there would be worse than what the human pups do in the water.
Bandit was devastated when he found out that he wouldn't be able to be our lifesaver at the water park.
Norm cools off after the walk.
We all headed for the shadiest spot and chilled out with our humans.
Ozzy muscles in on my hug. This won't be forgotten.
These two decided to cuddle each other so Ozzy couldn't hog theirs as well.
Charlie fulfilled his dream of being a men's room attendant. He said that we weren't good tippers though.
Some sort of Egyptian housing development at the park?
Heading back to the car park after the walk.
I spotted these two playing as we left. Told you this was the place Dad!

Well Readers, I'm off for some lunch and a snooze while I plot my revenge against Ozzy and his cuddle misappropriating ways. Until next time - Murphy.

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