Sunday, August 26, 2012

GAP Family Walk August 2012

Hi Readers, with only a few days left until spring starts in Australia, the GAP hounds headed up to Woorim beach on Bribie Island. It was a great day for a walk with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine. We meet heaps of locals and everybody enjoyed the outing.

I hope you like the pictures -

The early arrivals with their humans.
 Here be greyhounds!
Heading off on the walk.
Eddie & Ozzy towing Mum along so they can be at the front of the pack!
What a beautiful spot to walk your human.
 Cooling off as the day warmed up.
We met these guys on the walk, luckily we greys dry off really fast!
 Some sort of sea pizza?

"I'm not sure about the toppings on this one!"
Hounds for as far as the eye can see.
Taking a break during the walk.
People loved seeing so many hounds together and came over to chat.
Midway rest break (for the humans of course!)
Ozzy hadn't seen waves before and wasn't sure about them.
While Eddie knew exactly what to do.
Jay Jay enjoyed walking many different humans today.

Somebody said there was buried treasure here and the dig was on!
"thats a fine hole you've dug there". Sadly no doubloons were found.
We met Roman who is a GAP dog from South Australia on the walk. His owner now lives in Brisbane and was there by chance today.
Eddie and Ozzy voguing!
Having drinkies after the walk.
The team met some of the local children in the park while we cooled down.
You can see all the way over the the sandbanks on Moreton island from our beach.

Thats it for today readers, thanks to Sue for arranging the walk and to those that attended. I need to get the sand out from between my pads and then have a snooze. Until next time - Adopt a GAP greyhound -Murphy.

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