Sunday, May 27, 2012

GAP Family Walk May

Hi Readers, its was another beautiful autumnal day for the GAP family walk today. Prancer, Eddie and Ozzie headed off with Mum and Dad to Carindale to meet up with everybody else while I stayed at home to keep an eye on things.

There was a greyt turnout and everybody really enjoyed getting together for a walk and talk (humans love talking, have you noticed?). Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures -

Greyt to see such a terrific turnout of greys and their owners.
 Marissa who was there with Tabbi gives Honey a pat.
This is why flatmates should all be from the same state! Rocky shows his true colours for the State of origin series.
On the walk with some of the pack.

The handsome Jay Jay cools down after the walk.
Former house of hound foster Sally was there with her family.
Target Acquired. Prancer keeps an eye on the small fluffies that were disturbing the peace on a Sunday morning.
Honourary greyhound Cilla was there.
As was her sister Mini who has forgotten her sunglasses.
Sam and his human Kristy came up from the Gold Coast for the walk.
I have warned Eddie about eating things he finds on walks. He says he ate some mushrooms and can't remember much after that.

Anyway Readers, now that Mum and Dad have arrived home I can sign off from my caretaker duties and go back to having have a snooze in the sun. Everybody is looking forward to the next months walk. Bye for now - Murphy.

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