Thursday, January 20, 2011

Webbed Paws

Hi Readers, I promised that I would post some pics of the flooding around the House of Hound so here they are. Thanks to everybody that sent their offers of help and best wishes. A big thanks goes to my uncle Peter and his family Bryce, Conor and Jodie-Sue who helped us clean up the muck that was in our shed. We would still be doing that if they hadn't helped!

We would also like to thanks our neighbours Brian and Pam who looked after the two greyhounds we rescued that morning before we needed rescuing. Both hounds are fine and are heading back to their home today.

Dad and all the hounds swam out and the water was at least five feet deep. Honey slipped her collar as was being swept down the driveway next door towards the creek but Dad was able to swim back and get her to safety. We were still much luckier than the residents of Brisbane, Ipswich and the Lockyer valley who had their homes inundated, swept away and who were unable to save their family and pets from the rising waters. Please keep them in your thoughts.

I hope you find the pics interesting -

 Jess and Honey watch the rain with concern.

Cutlet on Patrol and starting to get soggy hooves.

The goats take shelter in our carport. The water was about six feet from our back patio at this stage.

Another view of the riding school and back paddock.

A view of the front of the house, the water ended up reaching halfway up the fence.

The back patio under water. Dad wasn't able to get the goats and cow out so he put them in here. Luckily all were OK when we were able to return home.

When we returned home we found a lot a water in a few rooms.

The flood waters moved all this fencing which came to rest against our shed.

Assorted articles washed into our alcove. Some of it was even ours.

The pool pumps went for a swim.

Inviting no?, well no!

This six foot log floated into the back paddock.  (where it will be staying!)

We were all very wet and cold after the swim out so Mum and Dad dried us off and wrapped us up to warm up. Jess and our foster Sally take a snooze and dream about their big day.

The back patio after the water drained away. Blah!

Cash the rescued greyhound wonders what its all about. He soon regained his playful nature.

The debris line shows how high the water rose, this is an eight foot fence.

Well readers, I must be off now as there is still a lot of cleaning up to do. We have been helping Dad by staying calm, offering helpful suggestions and watching him work. All this supervision has made me tired so I'm off for a nap. Bye for now -Murphy


Anonymous said...

We are so glad you, Mum & Dad, and the rest of the family are safe and sound. Our thoughts were with you all (and with everyone who has been affected).
Donna, Dimitri & Sophia xx

pam said...

We too are glad you all survived this very scarey day.. Good to know everyone..humans, and 4 legged friends, all remained safe! Massive clean up! Lets hope the remained of THIS WET SEASON..remains DRY at your HOME! Your friend ROCKET and his parents..up the street! P&B&R...