Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Homer (and Granny)

Hi Readers, what a week its been for the house of hound residents. Yesterday started off OK with my Granny's birthday and ended with Dad and the hounds having to swim to safety when the floods hit Brisbane. Mum was out rescuing two greys that were in danger of drowning as the area they were in was being evacuated. I'll show you some pictures of that event soon but rest assured that we are all fine and back in residence. It would also have been a great funniest home video with Dad trying to hold a bag with some clean clothes in it above water while being pulled in several direction by hounds all keen to show their personal swimming style.

Anyway, brother Homer had his 8th birthday today so we were very glad that we were all together to celebrate it. It also stopped raining which Homer said was in honour of the great day. We didn't really care why it stopped raining but were just glad it did!

 Brother Homer enjoys a birthday stretch in the sunshine.

Even the chooks were glad of some sun to dry off their feathers.

Until next time readers - bye for now - Murphy.

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greytgirl said...

Glad to hear you guys are ok.