Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello Dolly

What goes pad, pad, pad, clunk, pad, pad, pad, clunk?

Well in this case, its our new foster Dolly who joined us late last night.

Dolly was a rescue as her owner had wanted her euthanised as she had broken her toe. Honestly, she is 18 months old and a total darling - why are some people allowed to keep dogs? Anyway, she is safe now thanks to our vet Cass and the good people at GAP.

She is settling in well, loves a cuddle and her dinner and will make somebody a loyal companion for life - Go Dolly.

Guess who just got a treat, look at that tongue go!

Time for a nanna nap after snacks.

I just hope she doesn't stand on my paw with her cast. Bye for now - Murphy


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Sign her cast for me. Put "Heel" from NSN GHs on it. :-)


P.S. And I do mean to spell heal wrong.... cause we are obedience greyhounds.

GRACE said...

some owners need to be euthanised. Did you break your toe racing. You have gone to the right house for lovin and healing. *hugz* to you