Saturday, August 1, 2009

GAP Walk & Picnic

Hi Readers, after the GAP team's busy year so far, we decided that it was time for a relaxing walk and picnic at the university of Queensland at St Lucia. A greyt time was had by all (except for the guinea fowl who decided they wanted to attack us for walking around the lake!)

We need to charge our batteries as we will be manning the Greyhound Lounge at the Royal National Association's show starting next Saturday. This is our biggest promo of the year and its very tiring being adored by the public for 10 days or so. We hope to see all our Brisbane readers at the "Ekka", drop on in at the dog pavilion and say hi.

Some of the GAP gang.

More of the GAP gang.

The three versions of perfection together - Greyhound, Whippet and Iggy.

Bailey the Whippet.

Former House of Hound foster Oskar and his mum Kylie.

It was also a milestone birthday for Michelle today. We put a little birthday music in the RHS of this blog to celebrate.

Kylie wonders if she can smuggle Bailey home with her.

Jaydee and her new sister Leela share a cuddle.

Pepe takes a snooze after the walk and picnic lunch.

See you all at the Ekka. Bye for now Readers - Murphy. (No guinea fowl were harmed in making of this blog)

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GRACE said...

It was a nice walk today was'nt it and Milly was quite a good girl today Mama J thought. I'll be at the EKKA on Monday 10th with Mama J and Papa E