Saturday, August 22, 2009


Greetings Readers, yesterday we went to Bribie island which is about 30 minutes from the House of Hound. It was a lovely late winters day and we had the surf beach to ourselves (no surf though!). It really makes you appreciate what a beautiful part of the world we have here.

Ready for action.

If you look carefully at the fork of this tree, you'll be able to spot a lace monitor that greeted us in the car park. he was about 70cms long (or about two feet for the old timers and non metric folk).

We had the beach to ourselves (Don't try this during school holidays!).

Male bonding.

Rosie goes for a paddle.

A candid shot of yours truly!

Dad, Homer and me.

Homer's secret hair regrowth formula seems to be working!

Homer and I looking for bikini girls to feed us treats.

My ears getting blown back in the wind.

Mum and the greys

Fish and chips by the sea.

Me trying to get some treats.

Mmmm... potato chips ...ahhhh.

It wasn't long before the papparazi tracked me down so we decided to leave.

Farewell to beautiful Bribie Island.

Bye for now readers - Murphy.


kitten said...

Love the hair, love the beach, love the dogs....Oh, okay. I love it all :) Glad ya'll had a great time :)

GRACE said...

Hey gorgeous Greys. Love your beach. Mama J, Milly and I must make a visit up to your beach

Bronny said...

maybe we will have to organise a walk and a BBQ sometime.