Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pet Supersavers Christmas in July

The GAP promo regulars went to Murrumba Downs today for the Pet Supersavers Christmas in July celebration.

Although the greyhounds were the main attraction (of course), there were heaps of other stalls there and a good time was had by all. There were all types of dogs, cats, guinea pigs and the store's own pet python doing the rounds to welcome everybody. There were also a lot of competitions, I came second to Jaydee in the fastest eating competition heat and the greyhounds also won an award for the best synchronised sleeping display!

I hope you enjoy the pics!

Don't tell me you haven't woken up somewhere like this after a big night out.

The north side GAP crew ready to face the crowds.

Pepe charms some prospective greyhound parents.

Homer & Charlie get in some synchronised sleeping practice.

Security was on hand in case the crowds attempted to mob me.

The small fluffy brigade also had a fashion parade. We didn't participate as we were too tired after the synchronised sleeping display.

Bye for now Readers - Murphy.

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