Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Samford Show

Hi Readers, it was off to the Samford show for the GAP team today. The day started off as very cold but it quickly warmed up for us. There was a great level of enquiry about adopting and fostering greyhounds which was very pleasing. I hope you like the pictures -

Me being officially welcomed to the show.

Casper must have Scottish blood as she loves the pipes (or does she think there are cats in those bags somewhere?)

I can't talk about my time in the special forces but lets just say I haven't always used my stealth skills and dark arts for stealing snacks from counter tops.Here I am giving recruiting for the Seventh Brigade a boost.

Once the word was out that I was at the show my fan club showed up to pamper me.

Me working the crowd.

Here we are doing what we do best.

Pepe gets some lovin' from an admirer.

Niff, Happy and I enthrall another greyhound fancier with our good looks.

Jaydee's fans decided she needed a "jockey" to complete her outfit.

Casper wins a heart.

Me catching a quick 40 winks in the heat of the day.

An unsuccessful attempt to draw attention away from the greyhounds.

There is nothing like a cold milkshake to fix a dry throat after a snooze.

Bye for now Readers - Murphy.


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