Sunday, June 8, 2014

June GAP Family Walk

Hi Readers, I had to stay home today to look after the twins while the rest of the family went to the GAP family walk this morning. I'm not happy I missed the walk but am glad that I am trusted enough to look after the house of hound while Mum and Dad are away.

Anyway, it looks like everybody had a greyt morning at Newfarm Park catching up with old friends and making new ones.

"We'll meet you under the big tree near the rotunda".  The early arrivals head to the meeting spot.
Lovely to see so many happy hounds with their families.
Dad says this is some sort of human pup containment and conveyance device.
Team Suzanne arriving for the walk.
Our smallest honourary grey for a day took the whole lack of height thing really well.
 Not a greyhound but pretty cute never the less.
These guys have the greyhound instinct for taking it easy so they must be OK.
Walking along the river in beautiful Brisbane.
Greyhounds as far as the eye can see. What a fabulous sight to see.
"Psst, I think you took a wrong turn back there". The cafe is up here.
One of our fosters waiting for a drink.
The queue for breakfast started early at the end of the road cafe.
"Come on Dad, buy me an ice cream for breakfast".
A shot of our growing GAP family along the river bank.
Some of our foster dogs looking for their forever homes. Don't they look spiffy in their learner jackets?
"So kid,this is why they tell you not to put your arm of of the bus window".
Eddy photo bombing our foster boy Jimmy.
Foster mum meets former foster hound. I think both were very happy to see each other but covered it up well!
"Did somebody say cat?". "Never mind, its just a city cat ferry".
A couple of cuties at the end of the walk.

Lucy having a snooze post walk.

Well Readers, now that my twin minding duties are done I'm off for a snooze. Remember to pat your hounds before you leave for work or go to bed 'cause we really love that. Bye for now - Murphy.

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