Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014 Million Paws Walk

Hi Readers, the GAP crew was invited to the Million Paws Walk at Decker park this morning . We had a very early start but what a greyt day it was with heaps of people dropping in to meet us and give us cuddles. There must have been close to 500 people and their canines there.

I hope you enjoy the photos -

"Here we go, here we go , here we go!". Travelling with the young ones is always a bit rowdy.
An early start for the team but such a beautiful south east Queensland day for the walk.
Mum watching some early arrivals at Decker Park.
 "Isn't that captain Jack over there?" we asked.
First cuddles of the day went to these lucky visitors.
"Hoots mon, how is the weather up there?" Me being heckled by this wee jock.
A possible dispute over whose wall this was resolved without incident.
 Wiener cam in action.
 All set up and ready to go.
 I didn't have the heart to tell these people that this wasn't the queue for coffee but rather late walk registrations.
Our friends from the police and PCYC were close by to watch over us.
Young Bundy dropped in to say hi to the team.
"Dad, what is wrong with his coat, its all curly?" asks Teddy.
A young visitor gets a Teddy cuddle during a visit to our display.
"Are greyhounds friendly?" this couple asked. "Let us show you" we replied.
 Bear watching over his family's pup during the walk.
This greyhound could be a girl, me thinks.
 A small section of the crowd from this morning.
Hee hee!
Some of us mingling in with the crowd.
 Yours truly.
It was a day for lace skirts and much embarrassment all round.
 Cuddles for all.
Councillor Newton starting off the walk and thanking everybody for attending.
Team small fluffy on the move.
Me with my brutha from another mutha Wiz. Good looks clearly run in the family.
Councillor Victoria Newton with mum and aunty Margaret.
 A quiet moment for Emily and Aunty Margaret.
This cav was a little overwhelmed by the end of it all.
Dad took Eddy for a paddle after the walk as he was very hot.
Tarzie chilled out after the walk this morning...
.. While the lads and I went partying at the local blue light disco where I showed off my famous tanty dance.

Well Readers, thank you for visiting. I'm planning on having a snooze this afternoon and then we shall see what the night brings. Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.

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