Sunday, February 23, 2014

GAP's Bribie Walk

Good morning Readers, Mum and Dad took my brothers and I to Bribie Island today to meet up with the GAP family for our monthly walk. Despite it being very windy on the beach we had a greyt time of it and we were also spoiled rotten at Nat's Shack after the walk with bowls of water for us and coffee for the humans.

Brother Eddie would also like to apologize again for pulling Auntie Michelle over in the surf. I think she should walk me next time as I am so much better behaved than the yellow eyed beast.

Our gathering point for the walk.
Team Cerberus (Eddie, Prancer and Ozzy) ready for action.
I don't think Jack stopped play bowing all day.
Sandra takes her knee for its first beach walk since getting back on her feet.
"You want me to go where?"
Michelle with Eddie just before the salt water activated his normally dormant "Kraken" gene.
Prancer enjoying a paddle along the water's edge.
Teddy has grown so much since we were here last time.
 Yours truly cutting a fine figure on the beach.
Heaven will be like this. Lovely beaches and greyhounds for as far as the eye can see.
Ozzy couldn't care less about the pipis I dug up for him. Typical!
"Fly, be free!" or whatever it is you mollusks do to escape.  
 The gang on the beach.
Carlin cuddles aplenty post walk. Prancer loved being the center of attention.
 Attention hog Prancer gets another chest rub at the cafe.
Emily asks "Are you going to eat that?"
Our hosts from Nat's shack. Tip - photographs with greyhounds should only be attempted before breakfast is served.
Dee Dee is Marissa's Tabby's full sister. Small world!
If crystal meth smelt like liver treats these two would have a job for life with the customs service.

Thank you to everybody who bought their humans along to Bribie today. My brothers and I are all yawning and heading off for a snooze now. Anyway, until next time - bye for now - Murphy.

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