Sunday, September 29, 2013

September GAP Walk

Hi Readers, Brisbane is wondering what happened to spring because summer seems to have arrived early. Ozzy and I headed off to Newfarm Park today to meet up with the gang for our September family walk.

The park has beautiful gardens and was already filling up when we arrived at 7:30. Some of the younger hounds wanted to chase the jet skiers along the river but it was too hot for those shenanigans.

I hope you like the photographs -

Today's history lesson - now pay attention class!
One of the mosaic artworks at the park.
Well, it is hay fever season! Somebody pass Ozzy and antihistamine.
 Some of the early walk arrivals.
Beautiful Oskar having a cuddle.
One of our greys for the day. I think we had three poodles there today?
 Ready to head out.
Stroke, stroke, stroke.  Way too hot for this sort of thing.
We could not convince this lady that we were from the powerhouse museum and that we would mind the morning tea for them.
The gang at the halfway point.
One of the many roses on display at Newfarm Park.
 Along with a stunning pink bougainvillea.
Ozzy wondering when this little one's legs would start to grow!
Look at that sky at 8:00 this morning.
Dad took us to City Farmers for treats on the way home and I got to ride in an elevator.
Team baldy bum head for home. (Team "genetic gluteus maximus alopecia" was rejected as it won't fit on a T shirt)

Well Readers, thanks for stopping by. Thank you to everybody who attended today's walk as we always get a lot of cuddles and questions from the public about what great pets we are. Until next time - Bye for now - Murphy.

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Blake Carlin said...

That looked like a fun day. I hope we can come join you at some stage! Bald Bum Brigade - LOL!!!