Monday, April 15, 2013

GAP Family "mini" Walk

Hi Readers, the next GAP walk is being held a long long way from the house of hound so Aunty Trish arranged for a small walk closer to home.

We were worried about all the rain on Saturday but Sunday dawned bright and sunny. We headed off to Decker park and had a greyt time.

It was Granny and Grandad's 61st wedding anniversary so we visited them for lunch and a snooze before the walk.
"Really, are we going for a walk now?" Eddie was beside himself with excitement.
Two of our favourite honourary greys were there for the walk.
Getting a cuddle before we set off.
Marlin cam, this was the slowest he was all day.
Some amateurs were practising their downward dog poses in the park .
At the halfway point for a rest and to say hi to the locals.

"Um, has anybody seen Aunty Sharon and Aunty Liz since we got back?"

Pumpkin was all smiles after the walk.

Well Readers, yesterday I helped Dad mow the lawn, wash the car, went to lunch and had a big walk to finish the day. I think I will need some extra snooze time to catch up! Bye for now - Murphy.

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