Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dog's Breakfast at Boondall.

Hi Readers, for our last promotion of the year we headed to the Muller Road dog park at Boondall for the local council's dog's breakfast. We all had a great time and loved meeting all the local pups and their owners.

I hope you enjoy the pictures-

Part of the welcoming committee at the Boondall dog park.
Me looking smart in my Christmas collar.
 Ozzy being cute for the camera.
Eddie doing his hypnotoad impersonation.
Our calender girl Holly.
These two cuties arrived just after we did and came up to say hello.
What a couple of swells are brother Ozzy and I in our matching collars.
GAP favourite and Delta dog Jay Jay dropped in to say hi on his way to the old folks home to brighten their day.
Ozzy watches on as a small fluffy terrorises other pooches in the park.
Getting ready for the fancy dress parade.
Me playing peek a boo with one of the human pups that visited today.
Mum and the boys talking about hounds to some potential adopters. How could they resist?
Ozzy gets a Christmas kiss from this young pup.
Today there was a sighting of the rare minisaurus and bumble bee dog at the park.
Xena got too hot at her display and popped into our shade to cool down and have a pat.
Ozzy meet this young one while queuing for the sausage sizzle. He thinks she wants to be a loin tamer as she kept patting his tongue.
Can't a dog get any privacy. Me trying to sneak away from the display for some me time.
This young lovely had a roll in the water dish then a role in the dirt. Won't her mum be happy when she finds out!
Councillor Newton cutting the ribbon on the new shelter at the dog park. Not a moment too soon either as it was so hot today.
 See, told you it was hot!
Councillor Newton with Mum, Auntie Marnie, Holly, Jess and the pack.
One of the local artworks near the park. I'm going to sneak back one night and do a Banksy on it greyhound style.

Thanks for stopping by Readers. Its our Christmas party tomorrow so I'm off for a snooze to make sure I'm at my best. Bye for now - Murphy.

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