Sunday, April 8, 2012

A New Beginning

Hi Readers, I wanted to share this lovely story with you. 

A few years ago, The Ashby family lost their beloved greyhound Duke to cancer. They were all devastated by his passing especially daughter Juliette. 

Time passed and the family decided it was time to bring another grey into their home. They had seen the post about the puppies that joined the GAP program and decided that one of the boys would be great for the family.

Mrs Ashby spoke to Mum and Aunty Gail and arranged everything without telling Juliette. The family then  went on a drive to collect young Toby while telling Juliette that they were on a day trip for the long weekend. Anyway, they went and met Toby and Juliette was so happy that she was in tears. I think that he is one hound that is going to be very much loved.

The pictures say more than I ever could -

 Surprise, meet your new puppy!
 Juliette gives Toby a cuddle.
Toby settling in at home and having a rest before going exploring.

Anyway Readers, I think I have something in my eye and need to go and blow my snout. Bye for now - Murphy. Oh and happy Easter everybody.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Murphy! Thanks for telling my story. I'm having a brill time and am working out just which buttons to press to get the Ashbys doing my bidding. I thought I'd got the "whimpering puppy - you must cuddle me now" sorted but they're quite bright and have sussed its a bit of a ruse. I've been doing really well - went ALL NIGHT without a pee so was very popular this morning cos I went out and did stuff on the grass - unfortunately I've been a bit excited since and sometimes forget...........ooops!
Juliette is a brill puppy friend and I've got a toy that I can make squeak for AGES
I'll let you know about the cats soon, they are getting closer to me but they are not too keen on puppy games yet - but I'm working on it
Love Toby Ashby