Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peninsula Animal Aid Fund Raiser

Hi readers, it was off to Kroll Gardens today to help raise funds for the local animal aid charity. It was a a very hot morning with thunderstorms likely later in the afternoon. There were heaps of people and dogs there and we had a greyt time.

I hope you enjoy the pictures -

Aunty Gail with one of GAP's test dogs. Meet Cole the coolie.

These hounds paid us a visit.

This big guy decided that our water dish was the place to be.

Jaydee with Tina the small fluffy.

 "So what, I like Buzz Lightyear ok?"

Big Wally with a little visitor.

 This big bruiser was there.
Jaydee wonders how humans got to be the dominant species?
Eddie gives out some lovin'.
The PAA girls ran the BBQ. I don't remember Dad's BBQ catching on fire and almost taking out his car. He must have been doing it wrong.
This young whippet pup sped in to say hi.
There was something not quite right about this critter.

The lovely Miley was all smiles today.
Me catching 40 winks (Due to the heat, of course).

Anyway Readers, after Prancer's radio interview and our visit to the park today I'm off for a snooze. Bye for now - Murphy.

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