Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pet Cafe Hydrobath Day

Hi Readers, it was another very hot and humid day today. Dad and I went to the GAP hound wash at the Pet Cafe Albany Creek. Business was steady and Auntie Karen and Dad washed heaps of pooches while I supervised.

I hope you like the pics!

At the Pet Cafe.

Leanne searches for some spa power.

Birthday girl Jess minds the hounds.
Karen and Jess spritz up a GAP foster.
Talking about hounds.
Dr Karen's all natural spa products

Always check the label before washing your hound to avoid shrinkage.
Me keeping an eye on the pet food situation.
Eau de humanity, for the love of God , no! No amount of spa treatment will get this pooch into the bath.
Presley dropped by for a cheese burger and hydro bath.
Jack has a cuddle after his bath.

Anyway Readers, I got a touch too much sun today so I am off for a snooze before dinner. Until next time - Murphy.

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Dog Hydrobath said...

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