Sunday, December 19, 2010

GAP Christmas Party

Hi Readers, after our party was cancelled last week due to the rain and the subsequent flooding of our venue, we headed off today to celebrate a greyt year for GAP. We have had a heap of dogs adopted, introduced a professional and accountable business structure, continued to spread the word about what greyt pets we make and had a lot of fun doing it.

We had a terrific time today with a doggy day spa set up were we hounds could be bathed, have our nails trimmed and a dental exam performed by Karen. Santa Paws was there with Rudolph the red nosed whippet who delivered presents of dental sticks for the hounds and sweets for the kids (although we think it should have been the other way round). Jess, Leanne and Dad looked after the BBQ duties, the bar was open for the adults, raffles were run and won and a heap of terrific GAP merchandise was sold. We raised heaps of funds to kick off the new year with. Thank you to everybody who helped out and who donated.

Several potential adopters dropped by to see how greyt we are for themselves and our foster Freddy went to his forever home today. It was fantastic to catch up with everybody again.

Keep your eye out in the photos for GAP test dog Harvey in his "access all areas" outfit.

I must be off for a snooze and check up on dinner as the word is that some sausages made it home for our dinner. Bye for now - Murphy. 

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