Monday, September 6, 2010

Gold Coast Pet Expo

Hi Readers, what a busy weekend we have had. We clocked up over 500 kms travelling to the Gold Coast Pet Expo that was held on the 4th and 5th of September. Saturday was very hot, humid and windy while Sunday was rainy. Despite the horrible weather, and the local council "losing" the key to my car park, heaps of people turned up to see me and the rest of the show.

Here are some photos taken around the grounds and on the journey -

We stopped off at the top secret GAP installation on the way to the coast. We also visited the brewery, Super Butcher and Yatala pie shop while we were there but I can't tell you its location.

The Aussie War Dog group was there as well.
Saturday was hot and humid but a nice day to pat a grey.

Margy and I entertain a young visitor to the stand.
Tabaqui looking cool in his bandanna.
This cool fellow was enjoying the heat on Saturday but trying to climb into umbrellas on Sunday.
Margy gets some attention from a fan.

Paris the pretty Saluki dropped by to make eyes at me.
A future customs officer frisks Gypsy.
Me doing my thing at the Advance display next to a  weeks worth of snacks.
One of the more unforgettable partnerships at the show!
Local pooch Holly dropped by the stand to say hi.
Yes, some eejit bought a cat on a lead to a park with about three hundred dogs in it. Don't get me started on responsible pet ownership but all I'll say is that the owner should be smarter than the pet!

This Jack Russell was in fine form at the show.
Former house of hound foster and favorite Pepe who now lives on the Gold Coast dropped in to catch up. She lives with another grey called Tiger (who is our Homer's brother, its all very  sands through the hourglass stuff!). She is much loved and doing fine.
The handsome Tiger looks so much like our Homer that we had to look twice.
Cami and Gypsy wonder if the rain will ever stop.
This big girl was at a stand near us and had paws almost as big as Dad's hands. 

Some small fluffies discuss hairstyles and Britney Spears.

"And its the brown border collie by half a length". The fly ball was very popular with the active set.

Go the kelpies!

A great super dog impersonation.

What a dynamo this fellow was. He just loved it.

 The CKCS rescue group was there as well.

Even the rain couldn't keep my fans away.
The canine equivalent of being promised a trip to movie world and ending up at the dentist.
That reminds me, Christmas is three months away.
Another border collie doing his thing.
Security is always a concern for my public appearances but help was at hand.

"Officer, can you get my kitty cat out of the tree?"
Margy looking cute.
That's all for now Readers. I must go for snack and a snooze now. Bye for now - Murphy.


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Looks like you had the best day, Murphy! And I'm sure you and your friends won lots of hearts and spread the good word about what wonderful pets greyhounds are. Well done. What an amazing assortment of dogs attend. It would be very interesting just chilling out and watching everything:-)

Vanessa said...

I worked on the AWL QLD stand last year minding a Greyhound we had up for adoption at the time. If I wasn't living in a unit, you guys are on the top of my list.

Shame Sunday was such a wash out. Glad you came by the show + spread some love :-)