Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 Morningside Fair

Hi everybody, GAP was at the Morningside fair on the weekend. Even though it was overcast and rainy there were huge crowds there to see me. I hope you like the pictures -

Streets were closed off and traffic control was in place to handle the crowds at the GAP stand.

Prancer gets a gentle cuddle after a day of being adored.
My two favorite things - Cats and shiny things that move.
Sexy Sally (so called because of her cute overbite and bootylicious curves) befriends a young girl scared of dogs.

Another shot of sexy Sally.
This dragon appeared to keep the evil spirits away. I didn't see it as I was off the stand when it arrived. (perhaps it really does keep evil away?)
Um, I'm not sure what this was all about. Dad says all children are like the one in red regardless of the clothes they are wearing at the time.
The lads welcome me to the festival.

One of these two is a highly intelligent life form, the other one is a clown.
GAP volunteer April and Phoebe take a break.
Prancer with some young admirers.

Me being an angel (everybody knows we greys have wings on our paws, not our backs)

The GAP team ready for action.
A kiss for Prancer from a young fan who wants to become a vet.
Well Readers, next week is the start of the RNA Brisbane show (also known as "ekka" to the locals). Prancer and I will be there so please drop into the Advance dog pavilion to say and put your feet up at the greyhound lounge. Bye for now - Murphy.

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