Saturday, June 5, 2010

GAP's June Foster Carer Walk

Mum, Dad, Prancer, Jess and I headed off to the lake at UQ this morning to catch up with the GAP team. Homer stayed in bed as he has a sore nail that needs resting. It was a typical beautiful Brisbane spring day, crisp and fine. We were a few minutes late getting there as our GPS was set to "rat run" rather than "quickest route". Anyway, we had a great time after our impromptu tour of St Lucia and its surrounds.

I hope you enjoy the photos-

All was peaceful and serene (and then we arrived).

Jess and Loki ready to go.

Jay Jay gets goosed.

We spotted a couple of students collecting these. When they saw us they giggled and ran off.

The gang by the lake.

Jay Jay cuts a fine figure.

Greyhound pup Reggie admires Prancer's winning form.

Karen holding honourary greyhound and GAP testing dog Harvey, with Loki looking on.

Anyway Readers, I must be off for a snooze in the afternoon sun. Bye for now - Murphy.


Liz and JayJay said...

JayJay enjoyed himself so much that he now wants to go out every morning and play!

GRACE said...

Oh Man Mama J is SUCH a drag. We really wanted to go on the walk but her stupid sleepin won. Give a hug to homer for me will ya Murph and tell him I hope his paw gets better soon. *mwah* miss you guys