Saturday, January 30, 2010

Morning Tea with Aunty Margaret

Aunty Margaret dropped by with her two greys Amie & Blase this morning to catch up over a cup of coffee. We also have the lovely Jess staying with us so it was a full house.

I hope you like the pictures -

Are you the gate keeper?

Mum with Jess, Blase, Cherry and yours truly!

Prancer hamming it up!

Homer getting some rays.

Aunty M & Jess.

Me looking after the new girl ;)

Anyway, I must be off and see to my guests - Bye for now - Murphy.

1 comment:

greytgirl said...

What a greyt day. Thanks for having us visit. Aimes and Little B had a wonderful time catching up with their woofy friends and Aunty Bron and Uncle Russ!