Friday, December 4, 2009

Look who has arrived

and just in time for Christmas as well. Traditionalists may say he is a tad early but I would like to introduce you to Prancer, our latest foster.

Prancer makes himself at home at the house of hound.

The lads - Prancer, Fred, Homer and yours truly.

Prancer showing how its done at the track, you gotta love him!

Our darling foster Freddy goes to his forever home tonight. We will miss him very much but his new parents seem lovely. I'm sure Prancer will be good company for Homer & I.

Bye for now - Murphy.

1 comment:

GRACE said...

Hey murph wow 4 greys under one roof. I will have to hide this post from Mama J as she will be green with envy AND you have a racing photo of Prancer definetly hiding this post from her. Welcome to the house of hound Prancer