Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi all, its Homer here. I've pinched Murphy's log on as I wanted to tell you about a strange experience I had this morning.

I was just reading about Steve Irwin day being today on the Australia Zoo website before I went for my morning patrol around the House of Hound with Murphy. We were down the back when we saw this ghostly image next to me and .. well have a look for yourself.

Sorry about the quality of this shot but Murphy was a bit startled when "Steve" appeared.

Crikey, get a load of this little beauty!

To be honest, it looks a lot like dad but I'm not sure how he managed the hair?

Oh, I see!

While there is no argument Steve was a full on individual there is no doubt he loved animals and worked tirelessly to protect them. Have a look at the Australia zoo website link above for ways to help continue his good work.

Anyway, I'm off to the local 7-11 to see if I can spot Elvis or Michael Jackson. See you later - Homer.


GRACE said...

BOL BOL. ah you look hilarious homer. ROTFBMHO BOL BOL

The Brown Recluse said...

Hi Homer...have you found yourself a new friend? I have to say that's not a real pretty dog, but y'all don't go by looks, do you?? You go by sniffs, right? lol Great entry.