Sunday, October 25, 2009

Queensland University Walk & Breakfast

The dog luver's team got an early start and went for a walk around the UQ campus this morning.

It was already very warm and humid at 07:00 hours (thunder storms are predicted for later today). The grounds looked especially lovely now that the jacaranda trees are in bloom with their purple flowers.

All the hounds had a good time and we even managed to share some egg on toast with Dad (when he wasn't looking).

I hope you enjoy the pics - Bye for now Readers - Murphy


Ellejaye ( Liz from Petrie) said...

You all look like you are having heaps of fun. can hardly wait to get my new furbay and go out and about with him/her (Talked to GAPQ yesterday andI believe it is very soon now_

Bronny said...

How exciting for you, you will have to let us know when you get your baby and we can invite you along.