Sunday, February 8, 2009

The First Greytwalk of 2009!

Saturday was the first Greytwalk of 2009 and my foster brothers and I were raring to go. We headed out to Kookaburra Park at Karana Downs on another hot summer afternoon. A lot of our friends were there and after the walk we decided to cool off in the river. We certainly attracted a lot of attention from the water skiers and fishermen when we entered the water.

We are looking forward to the next walk at the Botanic Gardens next month! Bye for now - Murphy.

PS - Would the greyhound that "borrowed" the jet ski please return it to the Karana Downs boat ramp as its owner is getting concerned.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

When do the muzzles get to come off? Didn't a law pass?


IHateToast said...

Jen, they'll come off come july 1. our financial year here runs july to june. so nothing changes before then.

murphy, i'm sorry i didn't make it. that's the inconvenient truth of being a one car family. will see you at the gardens, i hope. T&O.

greychicken said...

Did Patch hitch a ride without me knowing?? Who is the border hound?

Anonymous said...

The Patch look alike is Tia

Bronny said...

Hi there,

We thought Patch had come along for a walk as well.
She is actually Tia a beautiful 3yr old staying with Charlie,and his Italian Grey sisters. She is gorgeous very good natured and very healthy she has been greatly loved and looked after.She is also cat friendly.

Jenny said...

drat we were in New Zealand

thebellagreyhound said...

i wish i could have come but I was home nursing the snorkel. see you next time!